Hello entrepreneurs! We also have services for you. Here you do not have to negotiate a price - all customers always receive the same low prices. With a Byggmax account, you can easily assemble all your purchases in one place.

Advantages of being a corporate customer at Byggmax

    • Personal service at our Corporate Customer Service, call in your order.
    • Easy to order: online or by phone.
    • Pick up your delivery pre-packaged at your nearest store.
    • Flexible invoicing: pay upon invoice, mark with project.
    • Decide for yourself which employees should be able to shop for your company, safely and quickly..
    • With us you do not have to negotiate a price - it is always the same low prices for everyone.
    • Flexible deliveries from our shop assortment: express delivery the day after if you order before: 10:00 am.

Common questions and answers

Do you have questions? Contact our company service or check out our most frequently asked questions and answers below.

Provided that it is approved, you can use it directly.

This is not something that Byggmax or Walley can provide you with. But we are happy to help you make a few calls if this would help.

using, in your role as administrator, you can easily see granted and utilised credit and also add authorised people with the right to purchase to your account.

It could be for various reasons and only Walley will be able t¨provide you with further help in this process. You will find contact information for Walley on this page. Or call us and we will provide you with further help.


Byggmax Business Service
Opening hours: mon-fri 08:00 - 17:00
Phone: 0771-89 00 90
E-mail: [email protected]


Walley B2B Customer Service
Phone: 010-161 00 38 
E-mail: [email protected]